Lessons & Programs

Lesson Options - GST included in all prices

Group - 3-6 students

Group lessons are recommended for individuals that work well in groups of three or more. This setting allows the individual to learn by watching the experience of others, as well as their own participation. Students will be placed in a group with others that are at or near the level of the other riders to maximize each individuals learning outcome.

  • Group lesson with school horse — $45.00
  • Group lesson with owned/lease horse — $28.28
  • Trailer in group lesson — $67.50
  • Boarded 1 hour — $47.25

Semi-Private - 2 students

Semi-Private lessons are intended for students who seek to enhance or refine their skills in a smaller setting. These lessons can also be helpful for students who are struggling in a certain aspect of their ride, and to gain confidence before moving into a group lesson.

  • Semi-private lesson with school horse — $60.00
  • Semi-private lesson with owned/lease horse — $36.00
  • Trailer in semi-private lesson — $40.00

Private lessons offer a very specialized setting for the student. These lessons are very detail oriented, focusing on the student’s specific need in order to improve their overall skills. Both the student and coach can benefit from private lessons as the instructor provides their undivided attention to the student.

  • 1/2 hour private lesson with school horse — $45.00
  • 45 minute private lesson with school horse — $60.00
  • 1 hour private lesson with school horse — $75.00
  • 1 hour private lesson with owned/lease horse — $50.40

Other Programs and Services

  • Full training program — $600.00 monthly + board
  • Jumping schooling ride — $52.50
  • Hack — $47.25
  • Holding fee (farrier, vet, clipping etc…) — $25.00 per hour of service

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